Real Estate

Kensington actively seeks opportunities to acquire property for new development as well as existing income producing assets to add value and reposition. Our focus is on residential assets and mixed use properties with a commercial or retail component. We do not typically invest in office assets.

The geographic target is downtown Toronto, New York (limited to Manhattan, Queens, & South Brooklyn) and South Florida.

We also seek out note purchases for sub/non performing loans, bank owned assets and can provide liquidity solutions to sponsors in capital deprived situations.

Litigation Finance

Kensington understands the underlying value of litigation and arbitration claims. We seek opportunities to unlock or maximize the underlying value of assets entangled in litigation or arbitration. Proceedings must be subject to a common law jurisdiction with a preference for Canada, USA and the UK.

Corporate Private Equity

Kensington has experience investing in automotive dealerships, manufacturing facilities and fast food franchises. We are able to provide capital and professional management in capital deprived scenarios.